The inflow is as a result of the high influx of tourists from neighbouring states and the several entertainment events that have taken place in that time frame.

In the commissioner’s words, ‘Reports monitoring the current trends show multi-billion naira spending in hotel accommodations across the state. Alcohol and beverage consumption as well as culinary business; visits to resorts, parks, clubs and lounges, live theatre and cinemas; fees for musicians, their handlers and technical staff.

“It also includes ancillary businesses like fashion and clothing, kiddies’ games and toys, specialised taxis and private security guards that all contribute to the tourism and entertainment sectors. What this cash-enabled December has shown is a massive growth in the creative economy sector in Lagos State.’

He also added that the annual One Lagos Fiesta also has a direct impact as the eight-day long series of events feature thousands of attendees, vendors and several hundred artistes.

‘The entire state is agog, hotels are fully booked from Victoria Island to Ikeja, Epe and Badagry. There is a renewed sense of fun among the citizens and visitors. The volume of entertainment content being created for the pleasure of the citizens and media is unprecedented right from the beginning of the month.’